Twigle Birds is an audio recognition app for bird songs. Its bird song recognition technology uses machine learning to classify the bird recordings made by the user. This bird song recognition app helps people to identify birds by their songs, which is often a hard and tedious task to accomplish by ear. According to a survey by BBC Gardeners World Magazine the majority of people in the Britain can’t identify the songs of their country’s most common garden birds, giving rise to the need for birdsong identification apps like Twigle. 


Publisher: Twigle Birds

Platform: iTunes App Store and on Windows Phone Store 

Release Date: 16 April 2014 (Original Windows Phone release)

Format: Digital Download


The concept behind Twigle is similar to that of popular music recognition apps SoundHound and Shazam.

The app has been available on iTunes App Store and on Windows Phone Store since 2014. On release its database provided coverage for birds of UK, Europe and North America, with the bird call identifier functionality available for 40 of the common garden birds of UK/Europe and 50 of the backyard birds of the United States.


Twigle's feature list includes the following:


• Identifying birds based only on their calls and songs.

• Keeping a bird journal to record bird sightings

• Searching birds using their visual attributes like color, habitat, bird size, and beak appearance.

• Composite identification images that show birds in various poses and stages of their lifetime on a single plate.

• Playback of several songs and calls for each bird through the in-app database.

• Ability to pinch and zoom HD pictures to see each bird in great detail.

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