I did see the Tutu Man - several times in fact. He looks to be 80 or 90 years old wearing a Tutu and tights. He's always spotted late at night in the Milikan library at Caltech reading newspapers or books. Apparently he's been going there for a long time and the library staff doesn't seem to mind. The story behind him (if true) is kind of sad.

Apparently the Tutu Man, whose real name I dont know, was involved in the invention of the pH meter, a very valuable piece of equipment in the modern day laboratory. He developed the instrument while he was working at Caltech. Hence, the university apparently had total rights to the invention. As the story goes, Caltech got huge royalties when Beckman Instruments started selling commercial pH meters. Tutu man, however, got nothing. He went crazy and apparently has been dressing this way and doing this ever since as his revenge against the university. As far as I know, its probably just a story passed down by the students, one of Caltech's many legends.

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