Seventh track on the beautiful Boards of Canada album Music has the right to Children. One of the better tracks, it consists of an eerie tune and mellow beat with what sounds like people enjoying themselves in a coffee shop.

Best listened to late on a rainy evening on a very expensive stereo with no interruptions.

Besides its placement in 1998's album Music Has The Right To Children (track #7), the song Turquoise Hexagon Sun appears in the album BoC Maxima (1996) and in the EP Hi Scores (1999) as well, respectively as tracks 18 and 2.

Turquoise Hexagon Sun is also the name of their studio in Scotland's Pentland Hills.

The recluse lifestyle of Marcus Eoin and Michael Sandison (i.e. Boards of Canada), along with the rumours of them being part of a supposed "Turquoise Hexagon Cult" have only fueled the mythos that surrounds them and their sometimes subliminal references to subjects like Branch Davidians, Number Theory, Numerology, Symbolism, among others.

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