These filtered Camel cigarettes come in a royal blue box.

They smell like chocolate. There's a hint of vanilla and overall the flavor's more full than Camel Lights. They're not as strong or harsh as the Camel Turkish Gold ones.

Needless to say, if you're not a smoker, these will taste like ass. Oh yeah, they'll eventually kill you, too.

Many stores don't sell Royals, as they're not as popular. Camel introduced them about ten years ago, which may explain their lack of popularity—many smokers stick to one type of cig and never switch.

BookReader says that these are "one of the most popular brands of Camels here in New Mexico". Maybe they're only not so popular back east.


Update: Last night I spoke to a Camel rep who, upon my mention of these cigs, said something to the effect of "oh you mean those smokes they stopped making/carrying?" Which made me think that they're only carried in certain regions. She made it sound like the Camel Silvers had superseded the Royals, at least in this market. But she also didn't sound too confident about that. (6/28/2012)

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