"Tuno" is tuna with no actual tuna in it. It is a product by Worthington Foods, Inc. that is used as a substitute for tuna fish in any casserole, sandwich, or salad, and the side of the can claims that it is "dolphin AND tuna friendly!"

Here are its ingredients: Textured soy protein concentrate, water, expeller canola oil, contains 2% or less of autolyzed yeast extract, natural flavors from non-meat sources, hydrolyzed corn protein, corn starch, sea salt, citric acid, wheat germ oil, onion powder.

You can send a postcard to them for free recipes or check out their Web site at http://www.naturaltouch.com. Generally, the serving size is 1/3 cup drained (55 g), and there are 60 calories per serving, 20 calories from fat. It is generally a decent substitute for tuna, but smells and looks suspiciously like dog food in this noder's opinion, and also is a bit oily.

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