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Chrono Trigger

Truce Village is the closest town to Guardia Castle. It represents about half of the population of Guardia, the rest being located in Porre Village. The most notable attractions of Truce are the presence of Leene's Bell, constructed in 600 AD, and the Millenial Fair, which arrives in 1000 AD.

The village has a market, which sells common necessities such as tonics, and shelters, along with other useful items. The inn is high quality, but costs a mere 10 gold to spend the night. There are also some simple residences, where people such as Crono live.

On an island directly south of Truce is the house of Lucca, Lara, and Taban. This small family has a very interesting obsession with inventions. A visit to their house reveals books and gears strewn about everywhere.

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