Trol"ley, Trol"ly (?), n. (a)

A form of truck which can be tilted, for carrying railroad materials, or the like.

[Eng.] (b)

A narrow cart that is pushed by hand or drawn by an animal.

[Eng.] (c) Mach.

A truck from which the load is suspended in some kinds of cranes.

(d) Electric Railway

A truck which travels along the fixed conductors, and forms a means of connection between them and a railway car.

<-- (e) An elongated structure along a roadway containing conducting wire suspended from insulated supports at some height above the street, to provide electrical power for a trolley car.

(f) A trolley car. -->

<-- Trolley line, (a) A trolley(e). (b) The path along which a trolley(e) runs. -- Trolley car, a wheeled car powered by electricity drawn from a trolley, and thus constrained to follow the trolley lines. -->


© Webster 1913.

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