Translation: yoga position meaning "the triangle posture"


1. Stand with your feet together and your arms by your sides. (see Tada-asana)

2. Separate the feet slightly further than shoulder distance apart.

3. Inhale and slowly raise both arms out to the sides, keeping them straight, until they are parallel to the floor with palms facing down.

4. Exhale slowly while turning the torso to the left. Bend at the waist and bring the right hand down to the left ankle. Place the palm of the right hand along the outside of the left ankle. Extend the left arm upward, keeping it straight.

5. Turn the head upwark to the left and gaze up at your left hand. Inhale and return to a standing position with the arms outstretched.

6. Hold this position for the duration of the exhaled breath. Exhale and repeat steps 4-7 on the other side.

Comments: This is an excellent posture to do early in your routine. It helps stretch and relax the back, shoulders, legs and arms, and increases blood flow to the head. The trikona-asana also stretches the muscles of the thighs and calves as well as the hamstrings. The slight twist of the spine creates suppleness in the spinal discs and relieves lower back discomforts.

The posture can be held longer by breathing gently through your nostrils rather than holding your breath. Another variation is to perform the trikona-asana rapidly, which gives it an aerobic affect.

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