Autechre's third album released in 1995. It is considered as some sort of a breakthrough for the group, but I wouldn't know much about that because I did not listen to them in 1995. The cover is a solid shade of brown which has been both ridiculed and praised.

The track listing:

1. Dael - 6:40
2. Clipper - 8:34
3. Leterel - 7:08
4. Rotar - 8:04
5. Stud - 9:41
6. Eutow - 4:16
7. C/pach - 4:39
8. Gnit - 5:50
9. Overand - 7:33
10. Rsdio - 10:08

This album is viscous and thick. It reminds me of those groggy early mornings when one has slept past noon and can't think straight, but in a good way. The songs evolve from the bare beats they start with, to these densely multi-layered tracks. Like all other Autechre albums before and after it, this album requires patience. There definitely aren't any songs that give one instant gratification, but this is a good thing.

This album could very well be from another planet, maybe Jupiter.

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