Cornish town, about 5-10 minutes from Padstow, extremely small but with a certain rural charm.

The town is basically one long road, leading from the top of a hill down to the beach below. There are numerous houses (many offering bed and breakfast services) lined along this road and some hotels near the bottom (needless to say, it's incredibly easy to get a room for the night). Almost always, if you look to the right of this road there are fields, which to say the least are picturesque.

The beach has been ranked one of the cleanest in Britain, and nearby is a decent chip shop and surf shop. All in all, a nice place to have a holiday (and I'm going there tomorrow, w00t for me).

To get there, you can take a First Great Western train to Bodmin Parkway (from Paddington, London) and then a bus or taxi to Trevone itself. There is a large Tesco store near the town itself for groceries and such, and a small village post office/shop halfway down the hill.

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