Cornish market town and harbour, largeish with a great nightlife.

Some main attractions:
  • The Chough: Pasty shop. Sells simply the most amazing pasties in the universe, using real (i.e not processed) ingredients and bits of beef the size of my thumb. Everything sold is freshly baked on the premises, and they also sell ice cream, cakes and other baked goods. You can order large boxes of their primary product to take home, which means you too can live on pasties. Mmm.
  • Rik Stein's seafood restaurant: I haven't been there myself, but I have it on good authority that it's pretty damn cool.
  • The Famous Little Store: A wide variety low low prices. Sell china stuff, glassware, trinkets, wetsuits, bodyboards, beach gear and much much more. Must be witnessed and patronaged.
There was a rail line there, but thanks to a certain somebody it was destroyed and replaced with a cycle route. And a very nice cycle route it is. Now, the nearest rail station is Bodmin Parkway, on the First Great Western line from Paddington-but you'll have to get a lift the rest of the way. Train is by far the easiest way of getting down there, even with our classic British inefficiency.

The town has a website at

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