The student association representing all full-time undergraduate students at Trent University in Peterborough Ontario. Local 71 of the CFS. This organization has been in place since the TSU was dissolved due to some indiscretions

This organization's first mandate is to represent students' voices both within Trent University and within the Post Secondary Education System of Ontario and Canada. Its other mandate is to arrange the Health Plan as well as Dental coverage for its members.

The Board is made up of 29 members ranging from Aboriginal Commissioner to Queer Issues Commissioner. The board also includes three members from each of the Residential colleges: the College Cabinet President, the Senior Senator, and the College Commissioner. The Executive is made up of the President and four vice-presidents, who's portfolios are respectively: External Affairs, Fianance/Corperate Secretary, Membership Services, and University Affairs. Elections are held in late March as well as mid-September in order to allow for the first year positions to be filled.

In 2001-2002 the dues were 21.50 (Can. $) per student. They are currently indexed to inflation, so one would expect them to be relatively stable short of a member wide referendum to change them in either direction.

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