This campy comedy was released in 1985. It was written and directed by Rudy De Luca. The cast includes Jeff Goldblum as Jack Harrison, Joseph Bologna as Dr. Malavaqua, Ed Begley Jr. as Gil Turner, Carol Kane as Lupi, Jeffrey Jones as Lepescu, John Byner as Radu, Geena Davis as Odette, Michael Richards(Kramer) as Fejos, Teresa Ganzel as Elizabeth Ellison, Rudy De Luca as Lawrence Malbot, and more.

Jack Harrison and Gil Turner are reports for a tabloid. They are sent to Transylvania to get a story on the rumors that there are real monsters in Transylvania. They find corrupt city officials, a part-time mad scientist, and a bunch of "monsters".

I don't really want to give too much of the plot away, but just look at the cast, you know it has got to be funny. Well, in reality many people think this movie is crap. I'm not one of them! I loved this movie. Jeff Goldblum and Ed Begley Jr. are actually somewhat funny. You got Carol Kane, I just find her utterly hilarious. Geena Davis as a nymphomaniac vampire! Michael Richards' role as a servant is a little small, but wacky. Joseph Bologna is great as the mad scientist. Plus you got a Frankenstein like monster, a Wolfman, a Mummy (and she is yummy), Pretzel Boy, a swamp monster, a hunchback servant, rioting townsfolk, wacky Europeans. What more could you want?

A wonderfully cheesy movie that makes you say "My god I can't believe they made this." :)

There also appears to be a short animated Bugs Bunny cartoon by the same name from 1963.

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