Lover with fully functional male equipment but (at least partly) female brains. A boyfriend who's somewhere in between transsexual and transvestite

I used to have one of those. It's great. At least if, like I do, you like guys in make-up. (Think Brian Molko and Ville Valo. Yum.).
My boyfriend liked shopping more than I do. He understood the need for more clothes when you've already got a closet full like no other. He loved to talk about feelings. He loved soggy love stories. He was also the perfect excuse to wear a (nice and warm) three-piece suit (with the tie!) to a notoriously cold Christmas dinner, while he got to wear the very sexy but totally inappropriate-for the-time-of-year low-cut blue velvet dress.

On the down side, he took ages putting on mascara when we're already late for the cinema and he was totally immune to girl's phrases that scare men. I once read an article in a dumb girly magazine (he buys them! I don't!) about "things not to say to your boyfriend". I tried one: "shall we get one of those cute white coaches when we get married?" His answer was: Sure! and then the horses get to wear pink bows on their heads and I get to wear a pink dress!".

Unfortunately, my transgender boyfriend turned out to be a transsexual girlfriend... and I'm not a lesbian. Alas.

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