Brian Molko was born on the 10th of December, 1972 in Brussels, the younger of two boys. The International banker career of his American father led him to different countries from Belgium, Lebanon, Liberia to Luxembourg where his parents finally settled down. He endured a lonely upbringing and felt much as an only child as his brother was ten years older than him and had left home.

At school in Luxembourg, Brian met future Placebo bassist Stefan Olsdal, however they rarely spoke, Brian preferring his drama to the sport everyone else enjoyed. In October 1990, at the age of 17, Brian moved to England to study drama at Goldsmith's College, London. After re-meeting Olsdal there, they decided to form a band. Drummer Steve Hewitt, whom Molko had met trough a mutual friend at Goldsmith's contributed to Placebo's intial demos when time permitted. The trio meshed well, and evolved from art-rock to an offbeat punk/new wave base.

Somewhere along the line, Molko became the nail-polish, lipstick and eyeliner-wearing, androgynous, transvestite, drug-taking musician that we all... know. Despite making some very good tunes, Molko has garnered himself a reputation as something of an eccentric personality, and was voted the NME's "Twat of the year 2001" (I forget the exact terminology) for claiming in the the pages of the rock bible that NME journalists were conspiring with Daphne and Celeste in order to humiliate and smear him. Oh dear.

Credit to where due.

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