TransGaming is a company which provides software (WineX) and solutions (so far, offering to port games for other companies, using WineX as a library in order to quickly and easily do these ports) to allow games which have been written for Windows to run under "other platforms" (currently just Linux).

They could be viewed as a competitor in a niche previously occupied by solely by Loki Games.

The company was founded in 2000 by Gavriel State, who has done a lot of work on WINE in the past.

They have a rather unique business model. While they are releasing all their source code (with the exception of some of the copy protection code at present), they are licensing some of their WineX code under the AFPL, and they're only going to release it back to the main WINE tree under the Wine license if they have at least 20,000 gamers subscribing to their subscription plan.

Subscribing to their plan gives gamers the ability to vote for the games and features they want TransGaming to work on and file bug reports which are guaranteed to be acted upon. Of course, users can also unsubscribe and thus deprive TransGaming of their money if they're not happy.

They claim their subscription system will lead to increased user participation in the development process, as well as giving them a viable revenue stream.

Other people listed on TransGaming's website as being part of their management team are Vikas Gupta (President & COO) and Cathy Tanner, (Director of Marketing & Communications).

They have ported The Sims to Linux, and are currently selling it as part of the Mandrake 8.1 Gaming Edition.

They have a list of games, along with details of how well they do or do not work, on their website, along with information on how to subscribe.

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