Train-fu is the measure of a person's mastery of a given train system, or trains as a whole. Train-fu can be gauged by the following abilities:

  1. (Novice) Train Catching. This allows one to avoid a long wait for the next train and possible tardiness at your destination. Can be practiced everywhere except Los Angeles.

  2. (Apprentice) Shortchanging. Most common methods include turnstile jumping and running from transit cops. Practiced most commonly in urban areas, such as New York.

  3. (Journeyman) Sleeping on Trains. The ability to sleep for extended periods without missing your stop. Most prevalent in Japan.

  4. (Master) Sleeping while Standing. Ultimate level of train-fu. While there are many scattered around the world, India is home to a disproportionate number. Indian masters hone their skills by sleeping while standing for several hours at a stretch.

  5. (Grandmaster) Full attainment and perfection of all techniques pertaining to train-fu.
It may take the novice many years of questing and extensive travels to attain the level of grandmaster. Please undertake at your own risk.

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