The modern day god of the traffic light is a distant relative of the Roman god Janus (with two faces). The god of the traffic light (known by the abbreviated title of GOTTL) has three faces (though some statues of him have more). Each face shines in a different color - green, yellow, and red.

There is some confusion about the plurality of the god of the traffic light. Some perceive him as many entities, such as the house deities in ancient Rome (one very minor god for each household). However, with the increasing amounts of followers who drive about in his sacred circles and curse and cry out in his name, all of his former fractured incarnations have been joined into one entity - a major diety in the Modern Pantheon.

GOTTL has the responsibility of making certain that all the cars move about on the great beltway in an orderly fashion - for he the child of order and chaos. When all is well, things move orderly, but at times his face takes to blinking red and yellow and all around there is chaos to behold.

The statues of GOTTL appear in several forms - though most often as a golden box on top of a silver pole in which each of GOTTL's faces are imprinted. Sometimes, the arm of GOTTL is displayed stretching out over all. Other times, it is just the head of GOTTL suspended in the center of an intersection - with each side showing his three faces.

The priests of the GOTTL are clearly marked in their cars - and try to appease the GOTTL with red and blue flashing lights - a crude imitation of his changing faces. They are easy to hear from a distant with the piercing cry of 'whoo whoo whoo' that cuts through the noise like a knife and are perfectly happy to sacrifice the silence of night when the need arises. Continuing with the goal of GOTTL, they also attempt to maintain order throughout their district.

Among the most impressive of GOTTL's powers is that of the 'red wave' which is thrown at those who displease him, and the 'green wave' for those who have done his bidding. The time of worship for GOTTL is between 8am and 9pm and 5pm and 6pm every week day during which time the mantra of "Oh please, please, let me make this light" can be heard repeated across the land.

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