The drummer of Green Day. Tre also can play the accordian, guitar, and sing. For an example of his guitar and singing ability, listen to "All by myself," the hidden track on Green Day's album Dookie.


Tre Cool, or Frank Edwin Wright III, was born on December 9th, 1972 in Willits, California. He grew up in the Medicino mountains with two siblings. Frank's father, a Vietnam veteran, built many of the houses in that area including that of Lawrence Livermore.

When Frank was 12, he happened to meet Livermore (vocalist for The Lookouts, aged 30 at the time). The Lookouts happened to be in need of a drummer, so Frank was invited to join the band. Livermoor decided that "Frank" wouldn't do, and from then on, Frank Edwin Wright III was known as Tre Cool. Livermore taught Tre to play drumset by denying him the cymbals until Livermore considered him ready to use them. From then on, Tre spent much of his time playing with the Lookouts. The Lookouts' first record, released in 1986, featured Tre on drums.

His sophomore year of high school, Tre became class president. He began to feel that school was a waste of time and he would rather focus on music, so he took and passed a graduate equivalency exam.

Tre had known about Green Day for some time from the Gilman Street scene. He had even helped out Al Sobrate (John Kiftmeyer, drummer on Green Day's debut album) with drum tuition. So, when recording for Kerplunk! began in May 1991 and Al had gone off to college, Tre stepped into his place, merging with Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt to form Green Day as we know them today.

In March 1995, Tre wedded Lisea Lyons and together they had a daughter, Ramona. Unfortunately the marriage didn't last, however the two are said to still be on good terms. Tre remarried in Sept. 2000 to a woman named Claudia, who has since born him a child.


Drum Kit - Custom Slingerland kit, dubbed "Spitfire"

  • 18 x 22 Slingerland Bass drum
  • 5 1/2 x 14 Slingerland Radio King Snare
  • 6 1/2 x 14 Chrome snare
  • 11 x 14 Slingerland mounted tom
  • 16 x 16 Slingerland floor tom.


  • 19" Zildjian K Dark Thin Crash
  • 20" Zildjian A Medium Ride
  • 22" Zildjian K Heavy Ride
  • 14" Zildjian K Medium Top Hi-Hat
  • 14" Zildjian K Medium Heavy Bottom Hi-Hat


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