A Torn Lobe, or torn earlobe is the occasional unfortunate result stretching the holes in your earlobes (if you have any, that is, you are not born with extra ones you add them)too quickly for your ears to handle them. Often lobes get torn when you use weights to stretch, or gauge them out. Using weights often causes the bottom section of the hole to thin out and eventually break.

There are several ways of dealing with a torn lobe. Some people just leave it as is. Most people have the ear surgically corrected. This is done by stitching the two dangling sections of earlobe back together. Some people leave the orginal hole as it was before the tear, and others have the excess lobe removed, so that they have a relatively "normal" looking ear.

But some select few take a different route, and use their torn earlobe as the basis for a new body modification project. There are quite a few options with a torn lobe. Many people get a transverse lobe piercing that connects the two dangling bits or ear-flesh. Others pierce and gauge out the hanging lobes as one would any other hole in one's body. So while some see torn lobes as unfortunate, others actively scalpel them apart for the sake of innovative body art.

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