A cereal sold in the UK from the mid 1980s until the early 1990s, manufactured by Kellogg's. They were later reformulated and re-sold under the brand "Frosted Wheats," which they still are. They're basically slightly off-square items of pressed wheat extractions, shredded and held together with gelatin, and then frosted over one side with some sort of sugary stuff. This makes them as fibrous (and thus as bowel-loosening) as Shredded Wheats but less healthy and less like chewing the mashed up inner tubes of toilet rolls. In Continental Europe, however, they are still called Toppas.

When I was a wee kid, these were the best cereal ever, and I loved them. And they're still going - I was in Tesco's the other day and saw boxes of them for sale, which I grabbed and had for old times' sake. They were yummy.

When I was a kid I always used to call them Toffas for some ridiculous reason. Probably because I misread the second P as an H. My mother also used to count them out into the bowl for me and I was never allowed more than seventeen of them. I have no idea as to why; maybe I should ask her. We also collected tokens from them and sent off for a card game called Top That.

I do remember them being bigger than they are now. Also, the sugary stuff didn't used to dissolve so easily in the milk. However, one thing is the same - if you don't eat them quickly, they do deteriorate into a pile of wheaty, sugary mush, so if you have children who are slow at eating their breakfasts and risk lateness for school, get them these.


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