Colloquial term used in Melbourne, Australia. Refers to the popularity amongst residents of the wealthy suburb of Toorak for owning four-wheel drive cars such as Land Rovers, originally designed for farmers and crossing the rugged terrain of the outback. In recent times, the trend has extended to adjacent suburbs of Armadale and Malvern, and the beach-side suburb of Brighton.

Many view it as highly unnecessary to drive four-wheel drives in the city, due to the inconvenience to other drivers. This contempt is usually justified as the drivers of such cars often act as though they own the road - they block the view of oncoming traffic, and like to think they can pull out whenever they please. They are also very dangerous. If involved in an accident, a four-wheel drive - unless it crashes into a huge truck - will come out relatively unscathed. It's the unfortunate car that happens to collide with one that suffers, as well as the people inside.

Often you will see convoys of Toorak Tractors dropping their precious kids off at many of Melbourne's elite private schools, and holding up traffic as they pick them up in the afternoon. Owners would argue they need the car for their many trips to the country and to transport their families. In truth, many would never have left the bitumen, and often hold only so much as one mother and her small, blonde child in the back . ..and maybe some supermarket shopping. People no longer by these cars for necessity, but merely to feel above everyone else.

Unfortunately, having realised their inner-city marketing potential, Land Rover have now started to market the cars to the arrogant and the wealthy; with the latest ad campaign bearing the words "Above it all."

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