From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 27. Tongues with Stewed Endive

Take sheep's tongues that have been slightly pickled; boil them till tender, and remove the skin; for the centre of the dish you are to serve them in cut a piece of bread in the form of a vase, which is to be fried of a nice colour; then make it firm on the dish by a little paste of flour and white of egg mixed, of which you put a little between the bread and the dish, and set it over the stove to fix the bread ; have ready fried some bread, cut in the shape of cocks'-combs, and secure these also in the same way round the dish, leaving room between each for a tongue, the point of which is to rest upon the bread in the centre of the dish. Glaze the tongues, and serve a puree of endives round them.

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