The "supporting actress" behind Sakura in the anime series Card Captor Sakura. She is always designing new costumes for Sakura, and video taping the events. She is like Sakuras support team, always cheering her on, and saying how Kawaii or cute she is. Maybe she is in love with Sakura.

Tomoyo is definitely in love with Sakura. In the first episode of the anime, before Sakura becomes the Card Captor (and thus there's no way it could be a case of hero-worship on Tomoyo's part), Tomoyo is constantly filming Sakura on her camcorder, and there's this bit of dialog:

SAKURA: Why don't you film something more interesting than me, Tomoyo?

TOMOYO: But there's nothing more interesting, or cuter, than YOU, Sakura!

And Tomoyo says this while she has this dreamy look on her face; seems fairly obvious to me that Tomoyo is madly in love with Sakura. In the manga version, we have this bit of dialog:

TOMOYO: I really like a lot too, Sakura!

SAKURA: Me too!

TOMOYO: For sure, Sakura is thinking of a different meaning of "like".

SAKURA: Did you say something?

TOMOYO: I'll tell you when you grow up a little more.
And then in a caption:
Tomoyo looked at Toya and blushed only because he reminded her of Sakura.

And in both the anime and the manga, Tomoyo's most treasured possession is a bunny eraser, the first thing that Sakura ever gave to her.

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