Tomoyo is definitely in love with Sakura. In the first episode of the anime, before Sakura becomes the Card Captor (and thus there's no way it could be a case of hero-worship on Tomoyo's part), Tomoyo is constantly filming Sakura on her camcorder, and there's this bit of dialog:

SAKURA: Why don't you film something more interesting than me, Tomoyo?

TOMOYO: But there's nothing more interesting, or cuter, than YOU, Sakura!

And Tomoyo says this while she has this dreamy look on her face; seems fairly obvious to me that Tomoyo is madly in love with Sakura. In the manga version, we have this bit of dialog:

TOMOYO: I really like a lot too, Sakura!

SAKURA: Me too!

TOMOYO: For sure, Sakura is thinking of a different meaning of "like".

SAKURA: Did you say something?

TOMOYO: I'll tell you when you grow up a little more.
And then in a caption:
Tomoyo looked at Toya and blushed only because he reminded her of Sakura.

And in both the anime and the manga, Tomoyo's most treasured possession is a bunny eraser, the first thing that Sakura ever gave to her.