Toji's not-so-secret admirer, though he never seemed to get the hint, was the Class Rep, Hikari Horaki. She cooked lunches for him, though he never got a chance to eat them. Toji, as the Fourth Child, was the pilot of Eva Unit-03. However, after the Eva went berserk during testing, it was reclassified as an Angel, and killed by Eva Unit-01.

During the battle, Shinji, Toji's friend, didn't find out that Toji was piloting 03, but refused to attack the Eva out of principle. His father, Gendo Ikari, switched control of Unit 01 to the dummy plug, which summarily used Unit 01 to hand Unit 03's ass to itself. Toji ended up losing a leg, but somehow managed to survive. Source: Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:6 (DVD)

I'd just like to note that the ADV release on DVD calls the Eva pilots the First/Second/Third/Forth Child when referring to them singularly. However, I've been told by Wigs that GAINAX originally used "Children" instead of "Child." Normally my instinct would be to say "whatever", but I've been downvoted enough as a newbie...

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