I close my eyes now
and I can still see your face across the table from me
A new
welcome image
Your eyes revealing much
but saying so little
At first
when you weren't smiling
the intensity of your look
terrified me
But then your lips parted
and the cold fear was pushed away with
a cozy warmth
I stared at you for most of the time
but I guess you didn't notice
You caught my glance once or twice
but foolishly I looked away
like the little girl I become
when I develop a crush
once the books were closed
I searched for words to say to you
but my pen was not there
to spell it out for me
I searched for you
for some time after
hoping I didn't miss your departure
Then I saw you through the glass
and my heart fluttered!
So I asked you to come with
and to my surprise you said yes
We stopped over at my friend's house
and talked for a while
before you said
you had to leave
Those words were upsetting
as I never wanted you to leave my sight
There was something about you that drew me to you
Perhaps you felt the same
but I won't know until we meet again
at our common ground
I had thought about asking you for your number
but I had thought it too forward
Now I find myself longing
to hear your voice again
Many will live
a normal
life this week
but I will be thinking of you
and hoping that I do not become
a distant memory in your mind
Remembering your smile
brings one to my face and heart
That sole thought will carry me through
Until we meet again

cmb/0600 EST/6.21.95

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