In the British sci-fi/comedy series Red Dwarf, a time hole is a swirling, orange passage connecting two points in the space-time continuum -- specifically, two different points in time. In the episode "Backwards", Rimmer and the android Kryten fall through a time hole during a routine space driving test. They emerge on Earth, so far into the future that the universe has stopped expanding and begun collapsing, and thus time runs backward.1 The two make a living on this reverse Earth as the "Amazing Backward Brothers", performing such tricks as eating an egg forwards, until Lister and Cat come to rescue them.

1 At the time of the episode's filming, it was Stephen Hawking's belief that a collapsing universe would cause the arrow of time to flip, and thus make time run backwards. He later retracted this belief. But in any case, it doesn't matter, as Red Dwarf is a spoof, and thus doesn't worry all that much about things like consistency.

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