*sigh* Such a sad sight. I woke up one morning last semester and walked out onto the ninth floor balcony of my dorm to be greeted with the horror of seeing the remains of several poor little dorm refridgerators scattered below. I felt awfully sorry for the little things- doors broken and hanging in unnatural positions, mechanical parts lying crushed and deformed, pieces of what used to be their shiny plastic exteriors lying strewn about in the dirt. From so high up, the sad little appliances looked quite small and helpless, forcedly seperated from their loving owners and flung over a railing to a horrible death. What cruel soul would have done such a thing?

Oh yes, I forgot that I live in a dorm with nearly a thousand other people my age, but with the maturity of three year olds. Or even better, the maturity of junior highschoolers. Who would expect differently? These are the fine youth who find entertainment in hurling couches and stoves from the heights of the building, never once thinking that something may HIT SOMEONE and KILL them. (No no no, that'd never happen.) These are the kids who forfeit sleep specifically to pull the fire alarm every hour on the hour for an entire night. Not to mention the REAL fires they set in the TV lounges. (Destruction of property? bah!) Such a bright bunch.

Somehow, saying "I got in to this univesity" just doesn't have the same ring anymore. High standards weed out the troublemakers and partiers (and idiots), right? Wrong. You don't have to be dumb to be lacking all common sense and good judgement. You could be a Morehead scholar and not have any. It disturbs me that people rarely step forward about this kind of thing. *shrug* I guess it's chic to follow the crowd.

Ah yes, so this year, we'll have an exiciting year. Thus far, it's been rather quiet. *knocks on wood* But that's only because the freshmen are still in the "college is a place to be mature and serious" mode. The first night that an upperclassman gets drunk and tries a stunt, the precedent will be set. "Hey, look- he didn't get in trouble. Hmmm... COOL! Let's go get drunk and be stupid!" *yay* *sarcasm* I guess I can only keep hoping that maybe one day the rowdy kids will grow up. Until then, I'm keeping my minifridge bolted to the floor.

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