Earl of Surrey (1483-1485, 1489-1524)
2nd Duke of Norfolk (1514-1524)
Lord Treasurer (1501-1524) and Marshal of England
Born 1443 Died 1524

Thomas Howard shared his father's fortunes; he fought at Barnet for Edward IV and was made steward of the royal household and created Earl of Surrey in 1483. Taken prisoner at Bosworth he was attainted and remained in captivity until January 1489, when he was released and restored to his earldom but not to the dukedom of Norfolk.

He was then entrusted with the maintenance of order in Yorkshire and with the defence of the Scottish borders; he was made Lord Treasurer and a privy councillor in 1501, and he helped to arrange the marriage between Margaret, the daughter of Henry VII, and James IV of Scotland. Henry VIII, too, employed him on public business, but the earl grew jealous of Wolsey and for a short time he absented himself from court. He commanded the army which defeated the Scots at Flodden in September 1513, and was created Duke of Norfolk in February of the following year, with precedency as of the creation of 1483.

In his later years Norfolk worked more harmoniously with Wolsey. He was Guardian of England during Henry's absence in France in 1520, and he acted as Lord High Steward at the trial of his friend Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, in 1521. Among his sons were William, 1st Lord Howard of Effingham, and Sir Edward Howard (c. 1477 1513), Lord High Admiral, who defeated the French fleet off Brest in August 1512, and lost his life during another engagement in April 1513


Extracted from the entry for NORFOLK, DUKES AND EARLS OF in the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, the text of which lies within the public domain.

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