Or, in more complete form:

This is a journey into sound. A journey which along the way will bring to you new colour, new dimension, new value.

This record is often sampled; you may have heard it in Welcome to the Terrordome by Public Enemy, or in Paid in Full by Eric B and Rakim, or used by Coldcut, or in other hip-hop or electronic music.

I saw DJ Spooky give a talk at the Pong festival at Brown University a few years ago, and he had one of these records. He used it in a brief, furious demonstration set, (along with some drum 'n' bass, and a Looney Tunes record... I'll bet I'll never see a DJ brave enough to do that again) and later talked a little about it.

From what I remember, he was very proud to have a copy of this disc. It sounded like it was a very old record, (LP) made many decades ago to demonstrate audio features, or superior recording technology, or something. (stereophonic disc! in stereo where available, etc) He thought it was hilarious. I guess you have to imagine that if there were a CD, with a guy on it, saying "prepare to experience a voyage through superior sound dimension", would you buy that CD? Anyway, it sounded like it was a rare find, and he loved to use the disc in sets, to make them just a little more surreal.

I see your nodeshell, and raise you... one writeup.

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