The second album by Ultimate Fakebook. Driven by the popularity of the band following their previous release, Electric Kissing Parties,their excellent showing at the KLAMMIES, and the strength of the single "Tell Me What You Want(I'll Be Anything)" especially on Lawrence, Kansas area radio station KLZR, the Lazer, the album did well enough to attract the attention of Epic/550 music who re-released it in summer 2000 with an additional track.

Track Listing:

  1. She Don't Even Know My Name
  2. Tell Me What You Want (I'll Be Anything)
  3. Of Course We Will
  4. Brokyn Needle
  5. A Million Hearts
  6. Soaked in Cinnamon
  7. This Will Be Laughing Week (track not numbered on packaging of original issue)
  8. Little Apple Girl
  9. I'm All Out of It Now
  10. Glitter & Glue
  11. Real Drums
  12. Perfect Hair

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