you leave me drunk in an alley
to the wolves
you speak of philosophy
and offer to walk me home when you don't mean it

i walk alone anyhow..
you love to make me feel like you,
all rejected and scorned,
even though you really aren't,
you leave me.

i am stuck here in this place i let you
leave me in.
I'd like to blame you,
But you are only half of it.

The other half you will never know
because you are not worthy of this degree.

This. this side.

This pain. You follow, you do
What you think is what you are supposed
to do. You do what you want.

What you do is unconcious.

What you do is evil, (but you are unaware).

what you do you do not know.

Are you really evil?

Or are you my friend??

Do you care?
I don't. But it brings me down.

I don't know.
I don't know.

It hurts

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