Things from another world is Portland, OR's geek super store, selling comic books, collectible cards, as well as models, RPG material, action figures, manga, anime and assorted collectibles.

There are four physical locations of the chain, located in Milwaukee, OR, Beaverton, OR, Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. As rich as these locations are in comic related merchandise, they webstore, at, seems to have every imaginable collectible that anyone would want. The website, as of this writing, is rather poorly laid out.

In addition to being a good place for buying comics, this store is important for another reason, namely that it is the retail arm of Dark Horse comics, the company that has been the "third player" in comics for the past fifteen years. This special relationship means that many Dark Horse comics and merchandise are available first, or anly, at Things from another world.

I first went to the things from another world shop in Vancouver, WA when I was six years old, in 1985, long before I had first heard of Dark Horse. I think the store, originally called Pegasus, was doing a brish business when Dark Horse was just a gleam in the eye of the owners.

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