Ok they sent me to a silly online questionaire...silliest question of all was:

24. If you could have dinner with anyone (past or present) who would you choose, and why? Describe the setting, the courses that would be served, and your conversation. (Please be as detailed and specific as possible when entering your answer in the space provided.)

Here is my answer:

Is this a joke? Ok - it better not be. I would have dinner with my husband at a really nice restaurant in San Francisco. The nicest one in the whole city. He would have - oh hell how am I supposed to know, I guess he's have something like mushrooms or something because he's a vegetarian. I would have something with a delicate sauce or maybe something that gets lit on fire at the table. If there was something with onions like an aperitif I think we would split it because my appetite is so dainty. We would talk about how lovely it was to get away from the kids but then have a laugh because we missed them. Then he would make fun of me for not picking someone like Marie Curie or Jaqulyn Bouvier Kennedy Onasis or at least Audrey Hepburn. But then I would tell him that he owes me a big favor for taking him to the nice restaurant so he has to babysit while I go to the movies all by myself sometime. Then we'd say we love each other and laugh at the other people in the restaurant - especially the old men. The End

Oh I hope they pick me!

Update 10/13/2000

They never called.

Update 07/09/2002

Still no call. philistines.

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