Theme from Star Trek, The Original Series
Music by Alexander Courage
Words by Gene Roddenberry

The rim of star-light
My love
Is wand'ring in star flight
I know
He'll find in star-clustered reaches
Strange love a star woman teaches
I know
His journey end never
His star trek
Will go on forever.
But tell him
While he wanders his starry sea
Remember, remember me.

From "The Making of Star Trek" by Stephen E. Whitfield & Gene Roddenberry

They're pretty bad, aren't they? According to a Gene Roddenberry biography, Roddenberry came up with these lyrics back in the 60s for the Original Series, just so he could make some money. Apparently, simply by writing these lyrics, even if they were never used (which they weren't), gave Gene partial ownership of the music, thus earning him a (somewhat) bigger check.

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