They met while apart
She on her side of the counter
he at a safe distance
For months, for a while

He left her notes in his returned books
She left responses in date due pockets
sly references to books read
places visited or conversations overheard

He was coming and going with someone else
She was escorted to and fro by her father
He of the mahogany walking stick
Massive briefcase and scowling intellect

One winter's day
Events conspired, as they sometimes do
Providence finding a way their hearts could not

Her sensible compact broke down by his office (an address she knew well)
Having traced the letters and numbers
on his business card with her index fingers
Countless times

He, smiling too much, tried to drive her home
She, unable to sit still beside him- forced him to a curb

So much lost time was made up so quickly

A thousand unspoken words were expressed breathlessly

For blue eyes looking South .

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