Recovered From Semper Jergen Facility Varme, Antarctic
Significant progress has been made in the mines. We have found what we are looking for. Recovered items include *GLITCHED* undecorated clay pots, clay pots depicting lizards, clay pots depicting jungle, clay pots depicting *GLITCHED*. In total, 9 artifacts discovered. It has confirmed our suspicions that a civilization once lived in the Antarctic area at some point in the past. However, how they lived is still up in the *GLITCHED*

Email to: Jonathan Hails
I need you to carbon date nine artifacts for me. Keep this on the downlow, we don't need much attention from the rest of the facility. The only ones who know are the miners, the heads, and you. Keep it that way, Johnny, and you might earn yourself a promotion.
Yours truly,

Further progress. We have hit "pay dirt" as it were. Evidence of construction of a large structure are all around in the mines, and artifacts are becoming more common. The almost *GLITCHED* imagery on the artifacts is of odd implications. Carbon testing is still ongoing. However, it is suspected that the pots were only preserved by the ice around them. In fact, it is entirely likely that *GLITCHED* We should find the structure (Or at least the remains of a structure) within the next few weeks. Please encourage the miners to work faster: the end of the year is coming.

We are unhappy to announce that the miner *GLITCHED* has committed suicide by hanging. The funeral is being conducted on Monday, the 22nd of November.

Email to: Howard Renners
We have found the structure. This is gonna make our career, baby. The walls are really, really interesting. Check out the pictures we got on them, it's fucked!
Attachment: *GLITCHED*
Yours truly,

We are sorry to announce the deaths of the miners *GLITCHED*, Issac Clarke, Terrance Ralby and *GLITCHED* from suicide. Their funerals will be conducted on Wednesday, the 31st of November.

Email to: Howard Renners
Okay, I'm officially putting these miner deaths on the "What the hell" list. There's something wrong here. I'm giving the guys gasmasks and oxygen supplies, there's something in the structure that's making them kill themselves, and I've got a hunch it's some sort of a gas.

Email to: Howard Renners
It seems that it just made it worse.
Really, really annoyed,

We at Semper Jergen would like to remind you that cult-like activity is against regulations. Do not

* Wear gasmasks when not needed
* Vandalize walls with drawings and carvings
* Chant/whisper phrases repeatedly
* Loiter
* Wear a non-regulation uniform
* Avoid work

If you see a cultist, do not engage with him, do not try to insult/taunt him, do call security immediately.

Email To: Howard Renners
We need to get out of here. This cult is just growing. We need to get back to the mainland before it's too late and we end up with a rebellion or a mutiny or something from these damn cultists.

A snowstorm is due on the 20th of December, which will last until the 30th of December. That is all.

Email To: Howard Renners
We're going to die out here. We're losing people in the mines, from the cultists, in the water supply. We need to go, but there's a damn blizzard out there. I've been hearing rumors that we woke something up in the mines, something real bad. One of our miners came down with something too.

Fuck the blizzard. We need to leave now!
- Ian Grande

Evacuation was called on: 24th of December. Reasons: extreme number of deaths from unknown source.

Camera Data Recovered From Semper Jergen Facility Varme

Security Camera, Mine 4
Static image of entrance to mine, horizontal.

Unknown Miner, covered in blood, stumbles out. He stops, sniffs the air, then runs off camera

Security Camera, Corridors 5 & 4
Unknown Miner runs down Corridor 5. Jonathan Hayes, Security Guard, is walking down Corridor Four. Hayes is tackled by Unknown Miner. Hayes screams. Unknown Miner tears out Jonathan's throat using teeth. Miner leaves. Jonathan stands up.

Security Camera, Lobby
Multiple families are standing in the lobby. Hayes enters running, tackles Thomas Welchett. People scatter and attempt to escape/help Welchett. Unknown Miner tackles Cassandra Tearana.

Fighting ensues. Majority killed. Unknown Miner is killed. Hayes survives.

Evacuation Helicopter Camera
Sweep of Varme. Helicopter lands on helipad. Aprox. 50 people run from Varme, followed by aprox 80 people. Helicopter takes on five, then takes off.

Growling. Sounds of violence. Helicopter crashes.

Web Camera, UNKNOWN
Ian Grande is looking at camera.

"If anyone is still out there listening, I need to tell you something. We found something really, really bad here... It twisted our minds inside out and made us into monsters. They're killing everyone, even the helicopter's been brought down... We can't escape. We'll be long dead by the time Semper Jergen sends another rescue helicopter... I beg of you, don't send help. If this thing breaks out... Humanity won't last a year."

Growling from door. Sounds of fists against wood. Door breaks down. Screaming.

The video cuts out here; nothing more can be determined from the tape.

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