Sometime last week, I walked into my kitchen

and stepped on a sharp, shining thing

in my bare feet. It was night time, dark.

My foot didn't bleed, so I thought

in the dimness of one light, not glass.

In my hand, sparkled half a small star,

so, part of a star fell into my kitchen,

no wonder I woke up, startled, on alert.

I thought I should really tell someone,

anyone, but instead kept it to myself.

My secret fear is that most people,

even those who know me well, think

I exaggerate or use artistic license

to get attention, which could not be

farther from the truth, I who believe

honesty is both easier and harder.

Today, as rain changed to snow and

the horizon is nowhere to be seen,

I can tell the absolute truth of

the star that fell in darkness was

from a dinner tray, Twinkling in

Midnight Black, asellus australis.

For those who do not care yet

about the future, what life and love

may bring, despite fantasies of endless sex,

orgasmic rose petals strewn, bathtub lit candles

with Champagne and chocolate dipped cherries,

best wishes for I once was young.

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