I just wanted to inform you all that nothing that you do or ever have done will ever amount to anything remotely significant.

      Just think about it, Every part of your existence will likely be forgotten in about 100 years time, assuming you don't do anything considered special or significant. Even if you do do something special or significant, like become a famous celebrity, people will probably forget about you in about 200 years anyway. Noone will care. Noone will remember you.

      In the extremely rare and unlikely case that you actually manage to do something special enough to be written into the history books, it's not like anyone will care. They'll probably think about the things that you actually did. They won't ever talk about your actual experience.

      Oh, yeah, Sir Frederick Grant Banting, he was the first to use insulin as a treatment for diabetes. He's also the 4th greatest Canadian, and got a whole bunch of medals and stuff. A select few who can use Wikipedia well can know what he did, but you can't know his experience. His love, hate, angst, curiosity, person, and emotions are all lost to us. Yours will be too.

       If you are actually one of the few people to be remembered for some long period of time for something that really changed history the way history is normally changed, you'll still be forgotten when all life dies out and there's nothing left in the universe to care about you. It sucks. It was always going to happen, it's inevitable.

       That's the scariest part about death, knowing that your consciousness will be completely forgotten about, and that everything you have both done and experienced is just gone. This may be taken lightly now, but when you're lying in bed at 2:00 in the morning this comes as a very crushing realization. It completely paralyzes you, you can't move at all.

You can't do anything but lie there, thinking about how no one will remember your life.

You'll never amount to anything.

You'll never know love.

You find it hard to breathe.

You're horribly flawed, everyone else is perfect.

Nobody actually likes you, they can hardly tolerate you.

Why bother?

The next morning you wake up because you either must have fallen asleep, or passed trying to hold your breath for too long. Either way, no one will care. Feels bad man.

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