Pirate, Wizard, the recently reactivated Soldier and the recently introduced Georgina were walking back from the frozen monastery to the camp.

"So, whats your names?" asked Georgina.

"I'm Honshua" replied Pirate, "se's Samuel" pointing to Wizard "and we just call that thing over there Soldier."

"What do you mean se ?"

"Se is the third person singular, like how I is the first person singular and..."

"Okay I'm beginning to get the picture" replied Georgina, whilst she wondered why they didn't just use he.

They returned to the beach, and one thing that stood out was a suspicious looking mound.

"What the hells that thing over there?" asked Georgina.

"That will be the body count" replied Samuel "There was a battle here so many weeks ago and Matt's will be ordering the bodies."

There was a moment of silence at that remark.

"Oh feck you are sick, don't you think they should have a burial of soughts!" shouted Georgina.

"We will be doing that at a later date, when the counting is done" replied Honshu with a sense of buried nervousness, "I think I will just go over and check the progress."

With that, Honshua ran towards the pile of dead bodies very quickly. Georgina and Samuel along with Soldier carried on at normal pace, with Georgina feeling very suspicious at what they were up to.

Honshua came across Matts, which was the name given to the Goblin, who had now cut up some of the dead bodies into various joints and cuts, with the organs placed in a barrel. From another barrel Honshua took a fish and se waved it in front of Matt's.

"See this, go in beach pond and get more of this to eat" asked Honshua monosyllabically.

Matt's pointed nervously to the butchered remains and gestured that he wanted to eat it, to which Honshua replied,

"We have guest now, and se won't want to eat enemy fighters, se might view it barbaric."

Matt's nodded sis head in approval, and began moving to a near by rock pool.

"Oh Matt's" shouted Honshua "bury your work in the sand, we will eat it when se knows us better."

Immediately Matt's began forming pits in the sand with sis hands and placing sis cutlass work in them. At this point Honshua entered the boat house and began preparing a fire.

By the time the other three got back, Samuel had taken a long route, the fire was blazing. Georgina looked at the camp, it consisted of a boat house that reminded her of a Barge, even though it had oars and a sail. There were also lots of barrels all over the place, and in the distance there was the pile, oh how it creep-ed her out. At that point Matt's appeared with a load of small fish and crabs on sis cutlass. Georgina had never seem much like sim, she thought the other three were strange, particularly Samuel, how was se powering those electromagnets or "magic jewels" as se liked to call them. But Matt's was stranger, se was covered in scars and had a strange green tinge, but stranger than either of those was the fact that part of sis skull was missing and you could see sis brain. Matt's was looking cross and when se got there se began spouting inarticulate abuse at Honshua.

"Whys he annoyed?" asked Georgina.

"I moved the the boat further down the beach to get away from the body count so se's annoyed with the extra walking distance" replied Honshua.

Georgina didn't know what to say, on one hand she thought that it was harsh on Matt's, on the other hand she was happy to be away from that pile of dead bodies. Honshua took Matt's cutlass, and went inside the boat house, and after awhile went back outside again, acquired a large fish from a barrel, went back inside, then some time later came back with a steaming pot. Samuel then went and got some clay pots from another barrel and Honshua began pouring the steaming pots contents into the clay ones, whilst Samuel handed the pots out to the non-metal beings present and telling them to eat. It was a sea food stew, Georgina ate it, but it gave her serious wind. She began asking them questions over the meal,

"So, who are these people your killing?"

"They are the Resistance, and they kill our friends and relatives as well, we're at war," answered Samuel.

"Must be pretty bloody considering that pile, what are they resisting?"

"We as a whole currently live a subsistence existence out at sea, this is the place our ancestors came from, we wish to live here, and they resist us being here."

"Okay, what exactly is Matt's over there?"

"He's a Goblin, I and the Pot Goblin made him."

"Aye, and what does that mean? Back in the 'Age of Wizards' Goblins were fictional naughty slash evil little things."

"With us there are three main sub divisions, there is Matt and the other Goblins who are made from mortal liquids from the mortal pot, there's ones like me and Honshua whose ancestors came from the mortal pot but who were given the means to reproduce naturally, and then there are others who have always been able to reproduce naturally."

"So, Honshua, do you have a girlfriend?"

"What do you mean?" replied Honshua.

"I mean a lover, do you have one?"

"With us you can have intercourse with anyone within our people providing you have their consent and you use a sheath, if you require children it has to be organised."

"I don't know what to say to that, back in the 21st century as I call it, you had some people who seemed to just go and 'shag' anyone, but most people who wanted sex would try and find a girlfriend or boyfriend, which is like a friend but you sex with them, sometimes they'd get married, whatever that was to do with, sometimes they get married but wanted to be away from each other or something and would cancel the marriage or 'get divorced'. You never had to organise having children, it was just whether you and your partner agreed."

"Sounds very interesting Georgina...Samuel, do you feel tired?"

"Yes I do really" Samuel replied.

"Then I think we should go to sleep."

The group then went into the boat house and began finding soft patches to lie on, with the exception of Soldier who just stood still and limp.

Sometime in the night, a group of Resistance members quietly entered the boat house. Two of them began wrapping bandages around the sleeping Georgina, doing it so carefully in case they woke her up, another duo were doing the same to Matt's, although they thought it was Samuel. As quietly as they came, the group left the boat house, however one stayed behind. Bearing a dagger, se went up to Honshua, planning to kill sim. Unfortunately for the dagger bearer, Honshua was way too sensitive for that. As se drew back sis breath to plunge the danger, Honshua immediately swiped sis sabre across sis neck and jumped to sis feet.

"We're under attack! we're under attack!" cried Honshua, "Matt's, Samuel, Georgina, Soldier!"

Only Samuel and Soldier responded.

"Oh crisis they've killed them!" cried Honshua, who after running around the boat house cried "No they haven't, they've abducted them, lets get 'em back!"

Honshua ran out the boat house, but ran back in due to a hail of arrows flying towards sim. Se cried to Samuel,

"We've got to them back, we've gotta."

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