I really, seriously doubt that sex will be very changed in the coming New Technology world. The impulses for skin-skin contact are just too hardwired. When you're wired up to a computer, you _know_ it. On some level, it wouldn't be enough.

However, I think taboos will continue to be broken down by the New Technologies. If we wiped out all venereal disease and created a near-perfect birth control option, that would revolutionize things much more completely than any high-tech cyber thingy. Things would become much more open, and (dare I say it?) healthy for everyone involved. Our culture's current sexual mores are fairly repressive and psychologically unhealthy. Most of that is coming from venereal diseases like AIDS and herpes, and, of course, from pregnancy. Conquer these...

I think, at that point, even some religions might yield to the pressure. Except for Catholicism, of course. They're about 300 years behind on everything, and have yet to come to grips with the American Revolution, much less the Sexual Revolution.

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