At six in the morning
The freeway was totally empty because
All of our cars had been sold to cover the tab because freedom knows no price, being priceless.
It's quiet now, the one guy with a bike working
His way towards me a mile off.

But we are willing to bear any burden
I didn't cry when the French repo men
Towed lady liberty back to Brittany
For the metallic value of the copper

Because we were willing to pay any price
It's completely fine that I have to pay for a subscription
To the First Amendment club
With my 0% APR for the first six months credit card
or otherwise
Tiny metallic bees run my every comment against a database
Of copyrighted phases and have been sworn as officers of the
Court with metallic honeybee minds

I will meet any hardship
Including singing my favorite songs underwater
In the coldness of the River, face down
Like a petitioner
Because bees can't swim
And on game day,
When the Dodgers play in the River's dry summer bed
Because Chavez Ravine is occupied
By the Japanese Imperial Army
The end will be a sellout.

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