Wondering why Everything doesn't have that many good nodes any longer? Obviously, it's dem bones' and nate's fault (and maybe clampe, too), but why exactly?

Simple. There are 7!=5040 different permutations for the 7 nodelets that everybody has on their screens. Work it out: Suppose you're as quick as Pseudo_Intellectual, and it takes you 10 minutes to go to your Preferences page, change the order, get used to it, and decide you don't like it. That means you need to work for 50400 minutes. That's 840 hours, or 35 days, of nonstop work, just to decide you hate all the orders!

So right now, every single noder is busily trying out all 5040 combinations. Expect no good nodes for at least 2 months.

Thank you, dear administrators!

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