Fragility: dusty pigments on a butterfly's wings. Bat your wings today, beat them with gusto, flutter higher than the most brilliantly colored dare to gaze. Shake off your grey, that film of apathy.

Don't be acquiescent in this matter.

Time is of the essence.

Appetite: the feeling of being on top of the world with everything under your feet. You're ready for anything today, you can feel it in the sunshine: you're unstopable, even if it is just within this moment. And it makes you want more.

The craving for life is insatiable.

May you always be starving.

Ecstasy: warm sweatshirts hot from the dryer on rainy sleep-in days- then putting said sweatshirt back into said dryer as soon as you've absorbed the heat. There's more than comfort to be found in this clothes cycle. The stability of such a colossal machine makes this home just a little more personal. It is the artificial mother of the home: it is strong and dependable and it warms you up when you're chilled.

However, dryers are by no means a substitute for mothers.

There's a reason we don't have Dryer's Day.

Life: A hungry butterfly wearing a sweatshirt in a dryer.

We are beautiful in our most vulnerable times.

We are brilliant when we make no sense at all.

It's time to question tradition

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