I don't like the way I smile. When I was young my mother would always point out when my teeth were grungy and needed brushing. I didn't like brushing. Solution? I simply learned to smile without showing my teeth, which isn't much of a smile at all.

Now I brush my teeth daily, but I still tend to keep my lips closed when I smile. It looks fake to most people (try it - look in a mirror and smile both ways). When I grin (from a really good joke, good laughing, etc, that looks good. Now that I have a kid (he's 9 months now) I found that a regular smile won't make him smile back, I have to make my whole face light up, which may have been what's wrong with my smile in the first place. But when I do he gets a huge grin and wiggles his little body, sometimes throwing a giggle into the mix (if he wiggles too much he flops over and bonks his head - but it doesn't bother him as much as when he's not smiling and bonks his head). Everyone needs that kind of response from a baby at some time in their life (trust me - it's more than just cute, it's somehow satisfying or reassuring)...

My younger brother practised his smile in front of a mirror. I always thought it was weird, but maybe it's my only hope (apart from practising in front of my rug rat...)

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