A computer game of the fantasy role-playing variety, by SSI back when they were Strategic Simulations, Inc., when game companies were still writing for the Apple II. Game mechanics were similar to RuneQuest: Both combat and magic were rich and well-simulated.

The objective of the game was to explore the ruins of the old city, overrun with monsters, and gather clues that lead to the magical Wizard's Crown. The memorable areas of the game were the Thieves' Guild and the Wizards' Manse, the latter being the dungeon where the 'Crown was to be found. Unfortunately, the experience and equipment garnered in the mandatory encounters alone was not nearly enough to face the challenges of the Wizards' Manse, so the player would have to do a lot of wandering in the ruins to scare up monsters, just to fight them for experience and treasure.
There was a sequel, The Eternal Dagger, which didn't have much to do with the limited, linear story of The Wizard's Crown.

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