The computer game sequel to The Wizard's Crown, by SSI, written for the Apple II. The game mechanics, including magic and combat, were a good extension of the RuneQuest-like groundwork laid in Wizard's Crown.
The characters (which may be imported from 'Crown) arrive in the game world to find the Eternal Dagger and slay a demon prince and his invading horde. Play takes place across several islands, each with unique challenges. Again, the set encounters provide not nearly enough experience or equipment to take on the Big Nasty in the endgame.
The Big Nasty was vulnerable to only one weapon (the Eternal Dagger, of course), but there was a cheat whereby you could get an Eternal Dagger for every member of the party, whereas the game seemed to be designed with the intent of the Eternal Dagger being a unique item in the game.

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