One of the only cool things about Fayetteville, AR. Definitely look it up if you're here for some strange reason; Wilson Park shows up on the city map sort of between Maple St. and Wilson St. On the east end of the park you'll be surprised by a miniature Tolkienesque castle. Various bits of it are climbable and you can walk up into the turret. The more you look at it, the more things you'll see. There's a face in the inside of the turret, iridescent glass domes in the pavement, messages etched in the tiles, a cat's head forming an arch, and a roof shaped like a dragon's wing. It was a labor of love by some local artist twenty years or more ago. The effect is truly magical; come at night to avoid the small children. There is also a koi pond and a fountain, new flower-shaped benches are being built by other local artists during the restoration of the castle.

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