Angela McCluskey is the vocalist for this group (formed in 1991). She just radiates; when I met her, I could just sense a bursting, soaring and creative life force within. Her vocals give a gritty, dramatic tone to the songs that she writes with the rest of the band, Shark, Paul, Scott and Thaddeus. The band's sound reminds me of the Cranberries, 10,000 Maniacs and even The Indigo Girls - but with Angela's vocals and Paul's electrifying fiddling, I find it quite haunting and completely original.

Shark is from Canada, I believe, and Paul Cantelon, the virtuoso violinist is from France. Angela is Scottish; and I don't know where the rest of the band originates. Scott Roewe, who is the bassist and also sings is a master musican. On just one of the CD's he plays: bass, piano, organ, melodica, Wurlitzer, casio, didgeridoo, bass clarinet, penny whistle, and the tenor sax. The very talented drummer/percussionist is Thaddeus Corea.

All the band members are involved in many other projects, so touring is limited. They are all incredibly talented musicians and very kind and humble people.

I met them in a small club last year in Baltimore and they were delighted to play before a small crowd of 125, as if we were 5000. I've heard them live twice and their performance was among the best I've ever experienced.

Fruit of Life - 1994
This Can't Be Life - 1996
Reel Life - 2000

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